Hey Seekers!!!

It’s newproductstuesday!!! Today we are going to introduce 5 new Grove modules. They are the Grove – I2C Thermocouple Amplifier (MCP9600), Grove – I2C UV Sensor (VEML6070), and the three Grove – 16 x 2 LCDs.

Grove – I2C Thermocouple Amplifier (MCP9600)

  • MCP9600 by Microchip
  • Supports 8 different types of thermocouples.
    • K, J, T, N, S, E, B and R
  • Maximum accuracy
    • ±5℃

Grove – I2C UV Sensor (VEML6070)

  • VEML6070 by VISHAY,
  • 16-bit built-in ADC
  • Directly outputs data via I2C.
  • Has a real light sensor in UV spectrum

Grove 16 x 2 LCDs

                  White On Blue                                        Black On Yellow                                               Black on Red

These 16 x 2 LCD modules are developed as cost-effective versions compared to the Grove – RGB LCD.


Don’t forget to check out the video below to learn more about our new Grove Sensor modules.



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